Jersan Knitting inc.


The company was established in 1968 under the name of Davsan. It’s been conducting its activities at its self-owned facility in the Bomonti region of Istanbul since it was registered as Jersan Knitting Inc. in 1979. Our fabrics resulting from the merging of experience and passion and being integrated with both classic and innovative design concept, will make a difference in your collection and make them look original. Jersan Knitting Inc is the first to produce all sorts of knitted stripers and jacquards on its circular knitting machines along with their mercerization process in Turkey.

Furthermore, it is also the first producer to import and process the Egyptian cotton in the country. The know-how and experience Jersan has could not be surpassed for many years, therefore it still maintains its leadership status in the sector. Today Jersan is continuing to supply the fabric with high quality standards for both domestic and foreign markets.



  • Address : Merkez Mah. Güvenç Sk, No:4, Bomonti, Şişli, İstanbul, Türkiye
    Post Code: 34381
  • Phone Number : +90 (0) 212 225 1731 pbx

    Fax Number : +90 (0) 212 296 0773
  • Company Gsm Number : +0 533 6589847
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